Health Update

Posted by Andrew on Dec 12, 2016


In the last couple of weeks I have been lamenting about my leg issue. I have been doing my stretches every day and hoping for the best. I have been training upper body pretty heavily while taking it easy on my legs. A couple of times I have done light squats and deadlifts. I am not going to lie, my ego has taken a beating. The amount of weight that I am moving is kind of embarrassing as it’s very close to the weight I usually warm up with. I have been doing 225 pounds (2 plates) for 4 reps. It’s been fine for my leg. No pain at all. No strain on the knee whatsoever. But the ego.

Of course, no one is actually paying attention to how much I am doing (or not doing). All that snickering and mockery I hear is only in my head. One of the lessons I learned early on in my gym going career was that most people are paying attention to their own workouts and unless you are doing something very badly no one cares what you are doing. Still, it’s hard on the ego.

But then I remembered that a few years ago with the encouragement of my trainer, I worked my way UP to two plates. We have pictures and we celebrated that giant accomplishment. It was a fantastic day. Now, a couple years later I am lamenting the fact that I am “only” doing two plates.

Here's a picture of that incredible day. Please ignore the gloves. I was young.


Sure this knee thing is a setback and it’s less than ideal, but I am still making sure to keep up with my habit of putting my exercise and health first. The heavy weight will return. When my shoulder was hurt, I never thought I would be back to normal but here we are.


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